Reporting hostel issues have been a very big problem for newly admitted student, I myself can testify But my ongoing search states: Aladinma hostel fee: range from 90k to 140 Bishops court hostel fee: range 95k to 150 Okwurata:90k to 130k Front gate and back gates hostel fee: 90k to 145k Works layout fee:100 to 160 Most secure alliance is works layout Most dangerous okwurta formally Bishops court Now my ongoing research states that all above mention alliance have federal light There are also alliance that I didnt mention Even family house Some one will be asking if imsu have hostel Answer yes BT the hostel is only for girls by name(st Catharine)hostel BT nt officially open Boys hostel under construction nw Make a good discussion in going for hostel in the alliance be wise Note: The school will resume October 2nd. Newly admitted students will only come around 2 know their faculties and department, while waiting for the school management to release their payment slip and also de merit list. For those been admitted should print their letter from jamb nd also wait for imsu admission letter This needed for clearance Acceptance fee receipt Medical fee receipt Ancillary fee receipt School fees for non indigen Note after paying this fee in imsu microfiance bank all this are also to be submitted in the buslary department for further clear up Also imsu have department wears White nd black White nd white Lab coat Nd finally white nd Nevy blue Imsu have 11 faculty Education faculty is the largest Faculty of law smallest BT toughest Remember no course is above de order all equal Any more questions WhatsApp me via 08104502529 Join our Facebook group : Join our Facebook page : Join our group in WhatsApp nd Facebook Visit our reliable website For more imsu information
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