IMSU school fees for non - indigenes and indigenous students in the pasts

It is the middle of the summer, which means that if you are a high school graduate, soon you might want to start applying for universities. For both residents of Imo state and visitors alike, Imo State University, or, as it is commonly called IMSU, could be a perfect option! We will tell you about IMSU school fees for the upcoming school year of 2017, so you can decide whether your wallet is ready for your higher education at IMSU.

IMSU school fees for non - indigenes and indigenous students 2017-2018
Before we jump into it, a few quick words about the university itself. IIMSU was established in 1981 in the city of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. The university has full accreditation, and it is often ranked at the top of the list of Nigerian state universities. After starting out with 24 courses, IMSU now offers 11 faculties and 63 departments to choose from. It also offers postgraduate (Master’s and PhD) courses at all of its faculties.

The list of faculties and departments at the IMSU

IMSU school
Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine

♢ Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development

♢ Animal science and Fisheries

♢ Crop Science And Biotechnology

♢ Soil Science and Environment

Business Administration

♢ Accountancy

♢ Banking and Finance

♢ Hospitality and Tourism Management

♢ Insurance and Actuarial Science

♢ Management

♢ Marketing

IMSU students

♢ Arts Education

♢ Foundation and Counseling

♢ Language Education

♢ Library and information Science

♢ Life Science Education

♢ Physical Science Education

♢ Social Science Education


♢ Agricultural Engineering

♢ Civil Engineering

♢ Electrical Engineering

♢ Food Science and Technology

♢ Mechanical Engineering

IMSU students 2017-2018
Environmental Science

♢ Architecture

♢ Building

♢ Estate Management

♢Fine and Applied Arts

♢ Quantity Surveying

♢ Surveying and GeoInformatics

♢ Urban and Regional Planning

Health Science

♢ Biochemistry

♢ Medical Laboratory Science

♢ Nursing Science

♢ Nutrition and Dietetics

♢ Optometry


♢ English language and Literary Studies

♢ French

♢ History and International Studies

♢ Linguistics and Igbo

♢ Philosophy

♢ Religious Studies

♢Theatre arts



IMSU grads

♢ Animal Science and Environmental Biology

♢ Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry

♢ Computer Science

♢ Mathematics

♢ Microbiology / Industrial Microbiology

♢ Physics / Industrial Physics

♢ Plant Science and Biotechnology

♢ Statistics

IMSU 2017-2018
Social Science

♢ Economics

♢ Geography and Environmental Management

♢ Mass Communication

♢ Political Science

♢ Psychology

♢ Sociology

If you have found what interests you, take a look at the IMSU school fees. Be aware that they differ from faculty to faculty. Also, people that are not indigenous to Imo State have to pay different fees than the indigenes.

Below, you will find the latest information on the 2017 IMSU school fees for both non-indigenes and indigenes alike.

IMSU school fees for non-indigenes

IMSU school fees for non - indigenes
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Faculty of Business Administration — ₦150,000

Fac. of Education — ₦150,000

Fac. of Engineering — ₦180,000

Fac. of Humanities — ₦150,000

Fac. of Law — ₦180,000

Fac. of Medicine — ₦190,000

Fac. of Social Sciences — ₦150,000

Other faculties — ₦150,000

In addition to the aforementioned fees, students have to pay ₦19,500 for ancillary.

IMSU school fees for indigenes

IMSU school fees for indigenous students
People that are indigenous to Imo State have to pay half of the price of the fee for non-indigenes. Therefore, IMSU school fees for indigenes goes as follows:

Faculty of Business Administration — ₦75,000

Fac. of Education — ₦75,000

Fac. of Engineering — ₦90,000

Fac. of Humanities — ₦75,000

Fac. of Law — ₦90,000

Fac. of Medicine — ₦95,000

Fac. of Social Sciences — ₦75,000

Other faculties — ₦75,000

Like the non-indigenes, indigenes have to pay ₦19,500 for ancillary.

IMSU postgrad school fees
As far as IMSU postgraduate school fees go, we could not find any information regarding new 2017/2018 school year. However, we can tell you how much you need to pay for a Masters or a PhD form. The first one is sold for ₦33,750, while you can buy the second for ₦41,550. Both sums do not include banking fees.

These forms can be bought including scratch cards in most (if not all) Nigerian banks. After purchase, you can use the 10-digit code on the university’s website, There you can also find IMSU latest news and more information on the faculties, departments and courses.

Have you decided on your future career? Is IMSU your university of choice? Was this article helpful for you? We hope you were able to find what you were looking for in this article. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming school year. Let it be an exciting and fun experience, and not an overwhelming chore.

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