JAMB 2019: 9 Important Tips For Success

Except in the case of examination malpractices, The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examinations for candidates seeking admission into the university has never had students excel without putting their studies in good shape.

JAMB has gradually become more dreaded than any other name or acronym represented in the education sector of Nigeria. And preparing for the examination is something that no student will do without judiciously investing time, commitment, discipline, and hard work.

This means that whatever you do before sitting for JAMB will in turn, determine what JAMB will do to you after the examination.

If you fail JAMB, this means admission for you for that year has been lost. This is because, your Jamb score is a major factor in gaining admission. If you think you will be admitted with connection, change that thought now and start focusing on how to pass JAMB in the coming examinations.

In case you do not know, JAMB now has new method deployed for admitting candidates into the university. Read below:

JAMB 2019

1. Candidates should Beware of Change of Institution. Prof Oloyede warns.

2. We are introducing a process to ensure that there is no delay in admission of students – Jamb

3. No University is permitted to hold on to a candidate for a long period. Once a candidate cannot be admitted into certain University, such should be released to other Universities.

4. All Universities are henceforth expected to obey and comply with the timeline of the admission with the new system

5. With the new system, it would be no longer possible for candidates to upload a fake O level result as done before now.

6. Candidates should be careful of information submitted while registering. Even your date of birth can cost you a lot when you are to be mobilized for NYSC – Prof Oloyede

7. All Universities have their Quota by Jamb already. We might not be able to release some information now. Meanwhile, Universities can request for more Quota

8. All Universities still have the flexibility to create their cut off marks.

9. Jamb will no longer release any further results. Meanwhile, more stiffer measures are being taken to avoid fraudsters during Jamb. – Prof Oloyede

10. Jamb will keep suggesting qualified candidates to Universities.

Step 1: Know the JAMB score you need for your choices

Know the JAMB score you need for you choices and set a higher target. This is a principle in line with the saying that says “you should shoot for the stars, for you never know, you may land on the moon”. When you set a high and reasonable target, you’ll most likely get something very close to it, if not exactly.

Setting a target above 300 can spur you to action. Once you have done this, then it is time to distribute it to your four subjects according to your strengths.

An Example is:

My target score for JAMB: 315

Use of English: 75

Mathematics: 80

Physics: 85

Chemistry: 75

2. Set your timetable and follow it squarely

Make for yourself a scheme of study or a reading pattern. Your time-table will help you to remain consistent with reading. Make sure you don’t miss your daily reading pattern. This is a great technique to prepare for Jamb 2019 and pass.

Here are three steps to help create a study plan:

i. Create a time chart of your current activities – Creating a time chart allows you to see how you spend your time day-in-day-out. Take notes of your daily activities. Take notes of your waking time, sleeping, regular chores, work, leisure and how much time you spend in school daily.

After doing this, check for free time available for studying and it should be up to at least three hours especially as JAMB is fast approaching. If you do not have that much time left for studying, then, re-organize your daily activities and create more time for studying.

ii. Develop a schedule and reading time table

Do you know the subjects that will require more time to study? What if they are your weak points? Your schedule and reading time table will highly depend on the amount of time you have left. You will need about 5 hours of daily study if your examination is being prepared for within 3 months

iii. Stick to your study plan

A study plan works best if it is followed on a consistent basis. So, stick to your plan. You may also need to deprive yourself of some sleep at night because you can easily regain lost sleep after JAMB.

Lastly, finding a study partner would help a great deal.

3. Read, Read, Read!!!

Reading vigorously is a very important habit you must cultivate to succeed in JAMB examinations.

Infact, reading for JAMB success should have began since your SS 1 or 2! Even if you’d have to do like 30 minutes to an hour study plan everyday. If you do, you will be smiling when others are breaking their heads trying to prepare just few months to the exam.

And if you are months away from the exam, it does not matter much. You still have a great chance; but you must begin now to study with a working plan as I have described in step two. And if just a few weeks left, then what you need to do is to focus a lot on credible past questions can, you still have a good chance too!

4. Work more on your Weakness/es

If there’s any subject you think is difficult for you to understand, you would be on a safer side spending more time on it. With very good focus, your weakness can become your strength. Change your mindset, tell yourself, “I want to know this subject!”.

5. Test yourself periodically
Test yourself periodically. You may do this every week to help in covering certain important topics and in order to prepare you for the actual exams. This part is very crucial in your study.

6. Use exam focus textbooks to study according to the syllabus.

Do not just study,but study using the given syllabus. Every examination has its own focus. There are always things the examiners expect and assume that if you know, then you must know some other things related to it.

Using exam focus textbooks – there are a lot of good ones – study with your results from the research on the patterns they have used in past questions according to their syllabus.

7. Do not neglect your Strengths!

There are high tendencies of neglecting of your most favourable subjects, while focusing on your weaknesses. Don’t!

Your goal should be to bring balance to your study. So, while committing 2 hours a day to your weaknesses, give like an hour to your strengths. This is because, your strengths are the best places to bag cool marks in Jamb.

8. Attend a good UTME coaching

What you read by yourself, when backed by what you learn at a good Jamb lessons around, this is what makes you loaded for the Jamb 2019/2020 examination. You also learn from others when you attend a good UTME coaching class.

9. Seek Timely Help
If there is anything that you do not know or you find confusing about your studies or JAMB 2019, ensure to ask questions from those that have the knowledge. Seeking for help is smart not stupid.

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