National Minimum Wage kicks in on January 1

CAPE TOWN – President Cyril Ramaphosa has just announced that the National Minimum Wage will become effective on January 1.

This means that employers need to standardise the amount that they pay workers to be in line with the R20 per hour floor.

To be compliant with this new legislation, and avoid penalties, there are a number of things that employers need to have in place:

Global Business Solutions chief executive, Jonathan Goldberg said: “The fact that so much time has elapsed between the first introduction of the notion of the National Minimum Wage and President Cyril Ramaphosa signing the National Minimum Wage Act into law shows government’s commitment to minimising any job losses that may be caused by this introduction.

“However, given the current strained economic climate in South Africa businesses are now going to need to re-think and re-strategise how they will remain profitable in 2019.”
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