See Categories Of People That Won’t Pass JAMB This Year

1. The only objectives crew : the type of people that belongs to this category are secondary school leavers who just got out of secondary school, since they have been made to believe through school exams, waec and neco that questions that has theory are always hard, and objective questions are always simple, they apply this hypothesis to jamb, thinking it would be as easy as pie because it is only objectives,so therefore the ones that dont have mentors and advisers or the ones that refused to listen to corrections won’t read or go to lesson but they will be surprised when they are faced with the hard complex questions and then they would know, that there are some objective questions that could make you wish for ten theory questions.

2. The expo (cheat) masters: these are the ones who looks for cheats instead of using their limited time to read, they browse through different websites to achieve their aim, they thought jamb is as penetrable and vulnerable as other examinational bodies, Admins of these false websites knows this and they play on their intelligence by telling them they have the answers to the jamb questions and would be released for a specified amount, but it turns out that the answers they would send are falsified and candidates who rely on this would fail drastically, when jamb was been written in paper and pencil type (ppt) some of these expos work but now that it is in Computer based test only (CBT), it is almost impossible to find correct cheats.

3. The Unserious ones : these are the ones who will neither read nor go to lesson..they are always busy whenever it comes to reading…busy doing nothing…they don’t learn from their past experiences..instead of sitting right and being focused when they attend lessons, they assume the role of fashionistas gallivanting around, engaging in unwholesome activities , wooing the opposite sex etc
Funny enough some would say they are solving past questions but instead of using their brain and knowledge to get the answers, they check the back for answers and will think they are fooling the teachers, but indirectly they are “doing” themselves and the reality of their activities would dawn on them during the exam.

4. The followers: these ones can’t decide by themselves, they choose their subjects combinations and course because their friends chose the same, not minding their weakest and strongest subjects, it is when they are writing the exam that they will find out that they are on their own.

5.The late comers ; these are the people that will come late on the D-day of the exam,lets say the exam is scheduled to start by 10:00am, these ones would come by 11:30 or later than that, mainly because they didn’t know their centers,or some other reasons best known to them, they might not be allowed to participate in some centers but in some other centers the supervisors might be kind and allow
them to do the exam, but many candidates in that situation would be flustered and their minds in disarray that they might still be struggling with the first subject when the computer shuts down as a result of time up.

6. The ITKs ( I too knows) ; the people in this category might have read, did the right things, but their only problem is, they don’t follow simple instructions, they rush to be the first to finish , so that they could boast about it, they don’t read questions twice, they could misplace synonyms for antonyms or demand for supply etc.
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