Wonders Shall never end as boy beats for refusing to give him money

According to reports from Imsugreats, the boy who name is yet to be known went out to spend the Easter celebration with his friend and had earlier been spotted smoking weed and drinking, only to return home hungry.

He then proceeded to request for food from his mom and when she couldn’t provide any, he brought out the bowl of Garri they had at home and empty its content on the floor and poured water on it.

However, when the mom reacted angrily, he pounced on her and started beating her up. An alarm raised by the lady eventually caught the attention of neighbours, who moved in and apprehended him.

The security officers as seen in the video stripped him naked, tied both of his hands behind his back and forcibly made him sit inside a dirty while they all stroke him with a machete . The men chanted in Igbo as they discipled the young boy.
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