Students commit suicide by taking sniper

A young lady identified as Adewara Damilola Blessing, said to be a student of Ogun State Institute Of Technology, Igbesa has reportedly killed herself by drinking the deadly insecticide known as sniper. The reason for the suicide is yet to be known.

This is a sad time for her family and friends as they’ve been left in shock wondering what her reason for taking her own life could be.

A close friend of the deceased identified as Yetunde Oluwatobi Omidiji, revealed via facebook that Damilola left no clue for her friends before deciding to take her life in such a dramatic way. She never told them she had any problems or had plans to commit such a terrible atrocity against herself.

Another friend of the deceased, Mhiz Khadeejah Abiodun, also took to Facebook to mourn the death. She wrote:

“RIP to my bestie for life, my roomie, gist partner still can’t believe you are gone. I can’t hold the tears back. It wasn’t fair that your life had to end. I will always keep you in my heart.

May Almighty Allah Grant you Al-janat firdauis. Adewara Damilola Blessings is gone oooo. My Harikeade is gone.”

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Mental disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and substance abuse, including alcoholism and the use of benzodiazepines are risk factors.

Some suicides are impulsive acts due to stress, such as from financial difficulties, troubles with relationships, or bullying. Those who have previously attempted suicide are at a higher risk for future attempts.

Effective suicide prevention efforts include limiting access to methods of suicide such as firearms, drugs, and poisons; treating mental disorders and substance misuse;

proper media reporting of suicide; and improving economic conditions. Even though crisis hotlines are common, there is little evidence for their effectiveness.

The most commonly used method of suicide varies between countries, and is partly related to the availability of effective means. Common methods of suicide include hanging, pesticide poisoning, and firearms.

Suicides resulted in 828,000 global deaths in 2015, an increase from 712,000 deaths in 1990. This makes suicide the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.

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