Imsu entrepreneur practical course list

At present, the Centre has 20 practical skills namely:-
1. Chemical Production
(i) Cosmetology, Germicides, Insecticides, Liquid soap, solid soap, bath soap, car wash soap, Perfume, air freshener, bleach, shampoo, jelly, (Vaseline), disinfectant.
2. Beads Making
3. Hair Dressing/Wig making
4. Interior/Event Centre Decorations
5. Singing/Music/Dancing
6. Story Writing/Acting/Film Production
7. Baking/Cake Making
8. Animal Production
9. Paint Production
10. Barbing Technology
11. Laundry/Pest Control
12. Computer Maintenance
13. CCTV & Satellite Installation
14. Tailoring /Fashion Designing (Male & Female)
15. Photographing/Video Coverage
16. Make-up Artist/Facilitator
17. Shoe-making
18. GSM Handsets Repairs
19. Cap Production & Creative Arts
20. Solar Installation & Inverter construction 

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