Update about Imsu admission

This is to inform all prospective students who got admission on imsu, but on verifying there admission on imsu portal the were notify to purchase the supplementary form.

The recent development is not as a result of server issue, the wireless informant at eventide yesterday was having an online chatting with the University tennece group concerning the  development online. Which the said all concerned student are notify to purchase the supplementary form as there admission is of the supplementary admission not merit admission.

http://teneceschoolsupport.com ---IMSU

All concerned student who encountered this are notify to purchase the supplementary form as it grant them admission into the University.

All prospective prospective students who admission has not reflected on imsu or jamb portal are by notice informed to check back again as some names was successfully uploaded for admission.

The supplementary admission has started reflecting on jamb caps do well to monitor your jamb caps daily, to all admitted student who made or paid any fee in imsu are notify to keep all  recipt intact for there respective faculty clearance ( year one clearance) proper documentation of all fees receipt.

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