Imo stars appeal to state government to sustain free education in imo state


The above question is one that if posed to students of the aforementioned prestigious Citadel of learning, generates a lot of arguments as to if there really is free education, subsidized education or a mere puff that does not hold water. However, we can all come to terms that compared to non-indigenes, it is indeed affordable. And that it was put in place by the former Governor H.E. Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha and is being sustained by the incumbent government.

Recently there have been a lot of conjectures, believed to be peddled by some unscrupulous characters who do not mean well for the incumbent government about hiking the tuition fee to over 70% if not more. These individuals, categorically stating that the subsidized education facilitates half baked graduates and should therefore be stopped. (Surprisingly, even from individuals who benefited from same policy). Such requests are obnoxious and will only become a boomerang if the government should give in to them.

We the students of Imo State University, call on the state government to arrest the situation and listen to the plight of students, to assure us that these are mere speculations and that the students should disregard such information. It is important for the government to note that it is not just demonic to say free education facilitate half baked graduates, it is preposterous and whoever makes such utterances should be ostracized and kept in the wilderness far from every rational human as such blathering can only emanate from addled-brained, backward individuals. (references to western countries such as Denmark, Finland, Germany, France etc who run the free tuition fee at tertiary levels and the quality of education there is not tainted).

Free education cannot and has never produced half baked graduates and this is a fact to be reckoned with. How would a sane person even think about this? (And if you think someone who gets a free education won’t value it because they didn’t pay for it… you have never been a student. Or you might have taken the courses and gotten the piece of paper, but if you were once a student, the monetary cost of the education is the least portion of what you pay to get an education). Anyone who knows the state university, knows that the university's accommodation status is one that is nonresidential and students cannot get an apartment around the school premises for the sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira (100,000) there are a lot of challenges facing students of the university, but I'll stop here in other for me not to ambiguate this space.
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