On the issue about what JAMB said.
JAMB made it clear that admission behind from Aug 21st, it does not mean schools are stopped from using any form of processes to select qualified candidates.
JAMB said this to signal that they're ready for 2020 admission processes, if you look closely, some institutions have already begun sales of their POST UTME forms. Please, don't get confused about it.
And to further clarify you guys on what they said about admission. They instituted that Admission will be based on CAPS. CAPS means Central Admission Processing, it was brought into use in 2017 (my time). CAPS really has helped so many candidates who were not duly denied admission. Schools like UNN for e.g usually publishes names of admitted candidates first before they send it to JAMB to be accessed by CAPS, JAMB on their own said that it should stop. You would recall that UNN released about 400+ names for Medicine in Supplementary list, and when they sent the list to JAMB, it was slotted to CAPS, CAPS rejected it. that's why UNN had to later inform those admitted into Medicine to change their department. 
Here's what CAPS does.. candidates that didn't meet with the admission requirements but was sent to JAMB for admission, will be rejected by CAPS. schools will input their method of admission into CAPS, and CAPS will check through it. CAPS is highly programmed. in CAPS, once you have been recommended for admission, CAPS will check these four things, a. O'level b. JAMB score c. POST UTME score d. Departmental cutoff (depending on Merit, Catchment or ELDS).
JAMB cannot determine how institutions can admit their candidates, but rather they determine whether the students recommended for admission by the institution is eligible. If you meet the 3 criteria out of the 4, you won't be admitted. For e.g, if you passed both JAMB and POST UTME, and also met the required the Departmental cutoff mark, and you used Awaiting result, JAMB will NOT admit you. Because you didn't satisfy all the required criteria. CAPS helps to curb irregularities. Schools can still write POST UTME exam if they choose to write, JAMB is not stopping them.
Like I said, what JAMB means is that, they're ready for admission processes, signaling that institutions can proceed with the start of admission.
Their duty is to check whether the students meet with require criteria to be admitted. Any questions?

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