Imsu senate meeting with the SSA to the Governor on student affairs

To inform all senators in this great body, that our meeting today with the SSA to the Governor on student affairs Hon Franklin, was a success which was channel towards the ongoing issues concerning the fumigation of hostel in all alliances in imsu, according to the SSA on student affairs made know to present senators who were available that the fumigation is real and how the process works, which was ironed out today.

In the meeting with him so many pressing issue like:

✔️ The price of the fumigation
✔️ The members of the task force
✔️ And how the Senate will cum in as to make a success, how much will be redirected to the Senate and for work(done).
As said the fumigation will be conducted by the student Union government (TASK FORCE)not a particular body but the entire entity will be carried along or informed.
Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š to the speaker of the house and the chief wipe who made it today to be with us, always remember this is for our own benefit, on Know account will this message be sent out from this group.

Good leaders
Great achievement.
Greatness in the making.
From : the in house chairman on information
๐Ÿ‘️‍๐Ÿ—จ️Chris obasi
Rt. Hon Mayor chikwe

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