UTME 2020: Will IMSU Write Post Utme this year

UTME 2020: Will IMSU  Write Post Utme this year.🤩

will schools write post utme: Have you been asking if there will be post utme this year or if your school will conduct post utme this year? Then ask no more because this post is for you.

Following the outbreak of covid-19 in Nigeria, all schools have been shut down! For most schools, nothing activity is going on while for others they have switched to virtual learning.

The big question that follows now is, will schools conduct post utme this year? Others ask will schools write post utme?

If you are among those asking this question, do not think you’re alone, you aren’t because that’s now one of the most popular question. And the answer is Yes Most Schools Might Still write post UTME.

♻️What is Post UTME all about?

UTME is an accronym for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. It is a matriculation examination conducted by Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). POST UTME is an examination conducted by tertiary institutions after the release of UTME results.

🔹Have their been a time when all schools did not conduct post-utme.

The last time post utme was cancelled was in 2016/2017 academic session. That was because a High Court proclaimed POST UTME as illegal. That year 99% of schools in the country didn’t conduct post utme (examination).

♻️What happened when the post utme was cancelled?

Students were given admission based on their JAMB Score and O’level grades. If you had good JAMB score and excellent O’level result, then you will make it to the schools first list.

♻️But was that a good idea?

For students, some loved the system because it favored them; they got admission without much hassle. But for some they were denied admission because of either their low jamb score or poor O’level result.

For Most top university in the country, they detest the method of accessing students. According to them, unqualified students were admitted into the school.

For most professional courses like Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc, they sent some students packing owing to the fact that they were not able to get good grades in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year.

What happened Next?🔥

The Minister of Education, in 2017/2018 announced that all schools can conduct post utme if they wish!

That’s how the post utme method came back to existence.

♻️So why all these story?

You see that most schools have gone through the era of cancelling post utme and they didn’t like the outcome. We don’t think covid-19 will change their system.

♻️But what if the covid-19 continues?

If it continues, then the post utme might either be online or the exam will take longer period to write. That is, if it usually takes 3 days to conduct the exam, it might take 2weeks. Just to observe the social distance.

♻️What you should have in mind?

We are not 100% certain that they will conduct post utme this year, we just answered with logic. Its possible they won’t but it is better you prepare so they don’t take you unaware. Read Now!
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