SPARO D: Declaration Speech for IMSU ALIDINMA ALLIANCE Presidency


Declaration Speech for IMSU ALIDINMA ALLIANCE PresidencyPA:

It’s Time to Work


“If condition makes human, we must make the condition

humane” Karl Marx(1818-1883).


Permit me to start with my sincere appreciation to every

single student of IMO STATE UNIVERSITY . I have been shaped and reshaped by

love, correction and advise of IMOSTARS , I’ve learnt from various groups that constitutes the members of this

academic community.

Since my entry into this school, especially by those by the

virtue of the placement of my course, we’ve met ,

brainstormed, disagreed to agree and shared ideas on all

socio-economy and political spheres of humans, including

that of this academic society, on how socio-development

cum qualitative education with facilities in our school. I have learnt from you all

and I will keep learning since leaning is a life long process.

Fellow IMOSTARS , it is certain that we all have things in

common even in the presence of diversity. We are

socialised from different parents, yet our values and mores

are mostly the same as africans, we are raised in various

locations to be positive minded individuals, by destiny we

met here for education, as our courses, departments and

faculties are different, yet we are members of this Great

IMOSTARS family, and together, we have experienced all manner

of challenges mostly caused by humans, the vicissitude of

achieving qualitative education is ever becoming stronger

and bigger that need to be work on if we all desire to leave

a good legacy, a good system for coming generation of


All of us know what those challenges of today are:

Obnoxious and scandalous policies,

transportation,insecurity,poor academy facility,strenuous

registration process,missing script ,relegation of students

views on students related issues, latent exploitation,

mismanagement of union funds,bad image,communication

breakdown, distance relationship between union

representatives and IMOSTARS and many more. We know the

challenges. We’ve heard them. We’ve talked about them for

years. These challenges are not only caused by failure of

leadership,representatives that betray students movement

ideology for personal aggrandizement, but mostly of an

inhumane system that celebrate mediocre, proliferate

unhealthy orientation among the freshmen, giving access to

the ‘if you can’t beat them,join them’ oriented men to lead

our union,since a system will always produce its kind,

making our man-made challenges over the years seem a

spiritual problems, insurmountable that is beyond our

collective solution as an intellectuals.

After spending years in this school, I have seen a lot and

like you,have suffered a lot from this system. with my

experience of years in activism and youths development,

leadership training, years of studying and diagnosis of our

challenges, years of tested and proven ideology,having

stand the wind of victimization and intimidation,and proper

consultation of my family,fellow comrades, unionist leaders

and friends, I, Comrade Mgbeahuru Dominic aka SPARO-D  ,

humbly declare my interest to lead our ALLIANCE in this 2020/2021Academy Session as the

number ONE BULWARK of Great IMOSTARS .

With the vision of not solving all of our challenges at a go,

of not turning our difficulties over night and promising to

build castle in the air to gain IMOSTARS support, but rather

with a single vision borne from sincerity,together with you,to

lay the foundation of a Students

 First System, a system that

listen to students vieGws, a system that knows that efficient

and cost-effective transportation, proper and early

dissemination of information, availability of academy

facilities, smooth registration, prompt release of

results,abolishing of all forms of exploitation and

deprivation of students rights are sine qua non of

qualitative education in a school that is determine to

produce excellent graduates,a system that will create

formidable relationship between departmental associations,

faculties association and Student’s Union. A system that

will inculcate proper values  and orientation, strategic

rebranding of our school through better treatment of

students, involvement and organizing of national

programmes for youths development in and out of the

school,a system that will create a panacea for students

over the government commercialization of education, a

system that knows the importance of students campus

organizations like CDHR,ROTARACT,LEO,JCI,MSSN,JB

SUMMIT, KEGITE and others, a system that will guarantee

dividend of unionism, a system that has financial

transparency and accountability as its core value, a system

that understand importance of social activities as a unifying

and cultural resurrection phenomenon among youths, a

system that will be achieved through proper policies and

sensible plan, a system that will tell our national leaders

how leadership ought to be, a system that will tell everyone

that cares to listen in Nigeria, African and the world that

African Youths has the needed capacity to emancipate and

lead African nations to productivity and socio-development.

It is the system that together you and I need to build for our

ALLIANCE to regain her lost values and bring back to life the

dream university and continue the work of past noble union

leaders in building a truly Students’ Union.

I know there are those who don’t believe we can do all

these things. I understand the skepticism. After all, each

session, candidates from various faculties make similar

promises, and I expect this year will be no different. All of

us running for the number ONE will go round various

faculties and college,offering our plans, all of us will

publicize those qualities we believe that make us uniquely

qualified to lead the ALLIANCE. But too

many times, after the election is over and the winner

emerged, all those promises fade from memory,and Oouites

turn away, disappointed as before, left to struggle on their

own, the olympian level of challenges.

That is why this campaign can’t only be about

me,SPARO D. It must be about us – it must be about what

we can do together, your strength will compensate my

weakness and your wisdom will minimize my mistakes. This

campaign must be the occasion, the vehicle, of our hopes,

and our dreams. It will take our time, our energy, your

advice and finance, to push us forward when we’re doing

right, and to let us know when we’re not. This campaign has

to be about reclaiming the meaning of Students Union,

restoring our sense of common purpose, and realizing that

no obstacles can withstand the power of determined


IMOSTARS that desire a positive system, a system

we can believe in for the certainty of enjoyment of dividend

of unionism by all IMOSTARS.

That is why am in this race, to rally you to build a Students

First System for our betterment.

I want us to take up the unfinished work of past noble

representatives to perfecting our union,

And if you will join me in this challenging journey, if you see

the need for a great union as I see, if you see the vision of

a union where ordinary  IMOSTARS have a say in how their

affair will be run; to stop our chronic avoidance of tough

decisions, our preference for immediate financial

gratification and perceiving Students Union as a place of

comfort and glamour, but, instead of rolling up our sleeves

and building a working consensus to tackle our challenges,

if you believe we can’t continue like this, that we need to

shack off our fear to changing this status quo , then I’m

ready to take up the challenging cause, and work with you.

Together, starting from today, let us together embark in

putting a working system in place.


time to work!

Thank you all

God Bless Nigeria

God Bless IMO state

God Bless imsu

God Bless Alidinma

God Bless you all!

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