IMSU usually sets questions based on a candidate's course of study i.e. SCIENCE OR ARTS. Mathematics, English Language and Current Affairs are compulsory irrespective of your course of study or program.

*The format for IMSU post UTME exam (number of questions per subject) is as follows:

English Language = 20 Questions    

Maths = 10 Questions                                           

Current Affairs =10 Questions and other subjects

Time to take Test = 40/50 Minutes.

Total Post-UTME Score = 100 Marks

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What are the Tips to Pass the IMSU Post UTME Screening Examination?

Read the tips below carefully because they will determine if you will scale through this examination or not.

It is certain that just little mistakes disqualify previously qualified candidates. So, read with rapt attention.

Tip 1: Start Preparing Early

The best time to plan for the anticipated post UTME is while time still abounds,That best time to start the preparation is now if you have started already.

Tip 2: Get and Study your Past Question

Pick up past questions and study cautiously, Don’t forget that the competition is stiff and only the best candidates are given a study opportunity.

Tip 3: Evaluate Popularly Asked Questions

This is one of the notable reasons individuals either fail or pass the post UTME, Schools know that many students do not engage in in-depth study in preparation for post UTME and consequent upon this, they repeat those topics students commonly fail. You might not have known this before now but in knowing it now, do well to study IMSU Post UTME screening past questions and answers properly.

Tip 4: Time Management

Such a significant number of individuals will invest all their time on one question while forgetting about the others. All questions carry equivalent marks, so focusing no one question won’t assist you.

Tip 5: Follow Instructions

There are guidelines in every exam, particularly in the Post UTME. Ensure you follow them to the last mentioned. Read them very cautiously before you commence answering any question.

Tip 6: Additional IMSU Post UTME instructions

IMSU expects you to do the following while at the same filling in your post UTME application.

Tip: 7 Be Punctual

You ought to be at the examination center before the commencement of the examination.

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